Strong Control

High Level app configurations Almost all the admin panel and agent console functions are role based , thus enabling great control platform for the administrators.

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Combined features

Bring together various interaction modes Creates an option to handle the interactions from various modes like , chat, email, phone queries and offline queries at one place. Read more

Intelligent Routing

Automated routing of incoming requests An highly configurable Chat and Ticket routing system to ensure organized distribution of incoming requests among the available agents.

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Thousands of searches are made every day on internet seeking various application products and services. Most of the websites receives several visitors, but fails to turn them in to customers. Do you know why it is so? It is just because of the factor that website fails to provide the visitors with a complete experience. They look for more information. Once your website overcomes this problem, there is no doubt that you can heap profits through your website. Mioot Live Chat application is the best solution to ease your customer interaction difficulties.

Success through satisfaction – Mioot Live Chat Software:

We really know that success comes through satisfied customers. Satisfaction comes through flexible conversations and interaction. We provide you with a live chat software that makes customer service support breeze. Our customer service software helps the webmaster to interact with the potential clients in an effective way when they visit the website. Mioot live chat software is developed from the expectations of clients, suggestions from businessmen and the personal experience of our developers in Web application management. The software is daringly different, flexible, customizable and come with department based settings, localized settings and statistical reporting.

What makes Mioot unique and different?

Intelligent interaction:

  • User-Friendly
  • Customizable
  • Highly Compatible Application

Superb Service:

  • Website tracking support
  • Automatic visitor interaction
  • Automatic Ticket generation

Plus Points:

  • Word press Support
  • Mobile support (coming soon)
  • Survey options for Help Desk
  • Free Trail

 Superb support:

  • Free Installation support
  • After Sales Support
  • 24/7 Customer Service

So what’s up? Love to get the live chat software for a new turn to lead generation? Then, we warmly welcome your decision. If you are left with any more doubts, we can provide you with free trial version. Experience the advantages and benefits of the most preferred and perfect help desk software in countries like India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Run a 10 day trial and explore all the features . It is Free !


Mioot Advantages

  • Auto -Attendant
    A multilingual support System with an option to change the language at will / Admin managed content management system to create and publish web content within the chat window Read more
  • Effective Ticket system
    The easy way to build each page thanks to the Point-and-click manager … Read more
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