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miOOt live chat software is a leading live chat service provider offer complete live support solutions with industry specific features since 2003 at affordable price. miOOt brings a number of benefits to the business managers looking to improve the efficiency of their business customer live support service and cost reduction. It includes know your web sites visitors in real time, increase your sales volume, increase your customer's confidence and trust and more by offering live help.
What is live chat software?
Live chat software services allow the operators to track the website visitors activity in real time and interact with online customers and respond to their queries or issues quickly, helping you to convert web queries into customers and site traffic into business transactions.
How live chat software works?
Live chat software is group of service that will enables a communication channel between the websites visitors and site owners or moderators in real time.It consists three major services namely Operator console or Live chat application, Chat server and chat window . Most of the cases live chat application is windows installable application developed in .net framework and run as service in operator's local machine, this will run as service and in contact with the Live chat server every second for information.

Live chat providers like will provide a small HTML code after the signup and site owners has to integrate this code on their web pages for enabling live support service. If any one of visitors visit the live chat software integrated website , embedded Java Script will post the new visitor data to the Live chat server and server will pass the new visitor information to the live operators who visiting to help the customer and now JavaScript also in frequent contact with Live chat server for any instruction. For more details click here
Live chat software features
miOOt live chat software provides you a feature rich live chat program, which helps you to make sure that you are watching your visitor activites on your website and provide them information in understanding your offer. miOOt will bring you and your visitor together and increase the visitor-customer conversion ratio.
  • Monitor multiple websites
  • Real time website visitor tracking
  • Secured Live chat software for business
  • Multi Operator live chat conference
  • Detailed eReports with Pre - chat information
  • Advanced trouble ticket for live help
Check this url for complete list of live chat software features.
Benefits of live chat software for business websites?

miOOt "live chat software" brings a number of benefits to the business managers looking to improve the efficiency of their customer live support service and cost reduction. It includes

» Know your web sites visitors in real time.
» Increase your sales volume .
» Increase your operator effeciency.
» Increase your customer's confidence and trust
» Decrease your operating costs.
» Easy integration with your web site, no special skill needed.

How to integrate live chat software on your websites?

You can start using miOOt live chat and monitor your web site visitors in two easy 3 steps.

Step 1: Register Free Live chat for 10 days.
Step 2 : Download and install miOOt live chat application on your machine.
Note: You must have .Net framework installed in your System. If you do not have .Net framework, please click here to download and install.

Step 3: Copy and paste the given piece of codes in your web pages.
Note:You should use these codes in all the WebPages you want to monitor separately

You are now ready to use miOOt.

Why mioot live chat software is better than others?
miOOt offers feature rich live chat software for live support and live help customer solutions since 2003 at an affordable price. On-par in terms of features and customer support but more competitive in price. Continuous developments and enhancements, free of cost application updates , Limited live chat software websites per server to avoid overloading / stalling and True 24/7 live support chat and email support for customer support. More details about why mioot live chat software is best?

" Not clear with features and benefits of miOOt live chat software? Signup for full featured free online chat software for business websites before you purchase. If you are having trouble in integrating live chat on your website please contact our live support team 24X7 live help online. "


Live chat software Features

Why miOOt live chat software?
On-par in terms of features and support but more competitive in price, True 24/7 support and customized solutions on request.

Free Live chat software

Live chat software Free Trial

Register for a 7 day free trail to use and test a full featured version of mioot live chat software.

Live chat software Comparison Chart

Live chat Software Comparison

miOOt offers all the important features at an affordable cost. The comparison chart gives you a fair idea of features and price of various other leading live chat providers along with miOOt.

Live chat software installation steps

Live chat software for websites Integration guide

You can start using miOOt live chat and monitor your web site visitors in three easy Steps.

Live support software Tips

Live chat software Tips

Here are some of the basic but important tips that will be useful in utilizing mioot live chat software effectively.

Live chat Industry Solution

Live Chat Software Web hosting

Real time customer service support for webhosting issue via live chat.

Real Estate Live chat support

Completing a real estate transaction is a serious of process like, visiting the site, fixing up financial terms, checking and fixing financial institutions Etc.

Customer Service Software for Travel Agents

Travelers will have lots of options and queries before fixing up their plan.

Colleges & Educational Institution

Live chat software will help in answering important questions from any prospective students / their parents

Live Chat Software Health care

Live chat software can be effectively utilized by healthcare organizations by providing information like expertise available.

Automobile and Car rental

Automobile sales can dramatically be increased using live chat software because the potential buyer is informed with adequate details through a chat session.

Tourism Help Desk Software

The traveler can be detailed with the various holiday packages available with the desired budget.

Live chat software for Insurance

Insurance agents can utilize the live support software to explain the available plans, suggest suitable plans for the customer’s needs instantly and increase the sales.

ECommerce chat support

Online sales can significantly be increased by using Online chat Support. Online Live representatives / agent can offer the available discounts on volume purchase and also can see related products.

Live Help website design

Live Help software can be of great help for the web designers. It will support in increasing the customer base by converting more website visitors in to customers.

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